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O-hishashiburi desu!
looking somewhere
Hey! It's been a looooong time since I've visited my livejournal and a lot of things have changed since my last post (June 23, 2013!).

Wondering where I went and why I've dropped of the LJ radar?

Well, since 2013, I've transitioned from YFC to SFC, letting go of my service areas and just savouring the moment of being an SFC member, ploughed through second and third years of university, written my dissertation, said goodbye to my uni friends, graduated (kaching!), done a lot of contemplating, travelled around and generally be lazy for a few months and gotten a job! So now, I'm finally a working adult - though I really miss studying and am determined to get back to studying either by going for a masters or getting into medschool - and life is just sort of falling into a routine of work in the weekdays and doing whatever on the weekends.

Thoughts on working life

Working life... hmmm... I'd say it is not what I imagined but it has been good so far and it is interesting - which is good! But to be honest, I don't see myself staying in my workplace for a long time. You see, when I started working in the lab it was interesting and I learned a lot of things, I was happy but at the back of my mind I wanted to move on and find a better job. I may sound ambitious when I say this but I know that this job is just a stepping stone for something better because I know that I can do more and I am capable of getting the job that I really want! (Self motivation go!) So yea, working life was hard to get used to at first but as time went on, I sort of got into the routine and it's great because I finally have money to spend! (Goodbye stingy student life!)


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