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Of Finding A Decent House
holic- hmmm
January to March is the time of the year wherein most University students living in the university accommodation panic and search for houses to live in next year. Suffice to say, I am one of those students. I feel like we are rushing into things and I want more time. I don't know... me and my friend just went to a house viewing and we really liked the house and after we got out, we thought "all right, this is it!" But then after talking to my mom, going back through the house pictures, and looking at what to look for in a house, I'm starting to think twice about it. Yes, the location is great and the house itself is nice and has its charm but now I'm worried about the security of the house and yea... I'm really anxious and confused right now that I can't even write a proper entry. *sigh* 


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