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looking somewhere

Ola mi amigo! mi amiga! :)

I hope I got that greeting right! How have you all been

To say the least, this evening was interesting. Some of my friends and I went out to have dinner in an arabic restaurant called Al Batta. I remember going there before during Guy Fawkes night last year with some of my other friends after watching the fireworks at the castle park. It was late at night but we didn't want to go back to our respective houses yet and so, we went in search for somewhere to have coffee in and hang out. But, that is a story for another day.

Back to tonight's dinner! As I was saying, tonight was an interesting night. Why? Simply because of the topics we discussed throughout the night. We talked about different things from our love life - which in my case is very quick since I have none - to their cultures. To give you some background, the friends I was with today are from arab/muslim countries thus, their culture is drastically different from mine since I came from a south east asian/catholic country. In their culture, arranged marriage is practiced naturally and some of them don't even get to have a choice whether to accept or not. They get proposals from men (sometime even their cousins) sent to their families to ask for their hand and it is hard for them to be in a relationship -- especially one that is met with disapproval from both of their families. And even though some of them is not having any arranged marriage, they are given pressure by their families to find someone and get married

This made me think

For me, all these talks about arranged marriage is something that I never even considered. Yes, I had written stories about it and thought of it but it was something I knew would never happen to me. I didn't even know anyone that seriously go through the process of arranged marriage -- till now that is. And that made it real. It made me realize that it actually happen and that people do go through with it. It wasn't just a thought in my head or something I read or something I watched on TV. It actually does happen! It's real! And then, I thought I am very lucky. I don't know if it's right to feel this way but I'm just glad that I don't have to worry about such things and feel pressured about getting married. I don't even have anyone right now, never mind getting married! I have to have a boyfriend for that to happen! 

But nevertheless, I just hope and pray that my friends will have a future filled with happiness and love with whomever they end up with, whether it be arranged or not

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yeah , my 2 sisters and brother all got married that way but they have the choice you know they like "dates" if it didn't work they don't have to go through it all the way.
but I do agree it's a sad way to pick a partner for life.
i didn't know you have arabs friends in real life too xD , interesting

Yea. I have a few of them since I came to my university. hahaha. They're a nice bunch of people :)
And hm.... as for the marriage, i think all my friend has a choice whether to go through with the marriage or not, but they did tell me about others that didn't have any from our previous convos before.

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